What We Believe

“Misraim is value driven company. Five pillars- Leadership, Innovative Investment, Goal Achievement, High Ambition and Trusted Partnership- construct our core values that shape our practice and form the LIGHT that illuminate our road toward ethics based prosperous investment”.


While we lead, our team is led to lead. We embrace honest, decisive, noticeable and result oriented leadership model. A sublime leadership style that inspires awe and veneration arise from our assiduous working for making difference and achieving success.

Innovative Investment

We are always steak to top-notch investment strategy. And rely on creative tackling of the existing and expected challenges by implementing out of the box ideas that can help fund raising, sound utilizing of fiscal resources and profit making.

Goal Achievement

We deliver. Passion and rigor are the fuel of every thing we do. Commitment is the nerve that connects company layers all together through which we are all speaking a unified language stems from assertive accountability toward our agreed target, clients and partners.

High Ambition

We seize every single opportunity in order to grow our current possession and expand our business by penetrating new marketplaces and acquiring more market share. Thanks to our enthusiasm that thrusts us to continuous improvement for getting more and more miles forward while pursuing our future plan.

Trusted Partnership

We have unwavering believe that “Win-Win” partnership is a key factor for our success story. Because we deeply understand the region specific structure, real needs and challenges, and because we possess the “Know-How” of operating intelligent and versatile business model, we always encourage talented people to join us, healthcare providers to deal with us and international firms to ally with us. Partnerships with team members, healthcare professionals and international corporates are all integrated in a flexible structure that helps establishing robust and sustainable investment.