“Miasraim boasts modern, standardized and well-organized warehouses to serve our operations in Iraq”.

Misraim aims to establish a very strong presence in the Iraqi market. Warehouses will put down roots and will help building a sustainable business in the Iraqi market. Our warehouses are led by well-trained personnel who are keen to ensure the execution of the optimum standards that comply with local laws and steak to the Good Storage and Distribution Practice (GSDP) rules as defined by World Health Organization (WHO). This unfailing view sends touchable clues to international firms encouraging them to partner with us in complete confidence.

Erbil Warehouse

Erbil city is the capital of Kurdistan province, which is located in north of Iraq. Kurdistan-Iraq has political attorney, independent local government, own lows and different socioeconomic structure. Erbil warehouse feeds Kurdistan region (KRG), which involves Erbil, Sulimanya, and Dhouk cities, in addition to neighboring governorates, Mousel and kirkuk

Baghdad Warehouse

Baghdad is the capital of Iraq and the most populated city as well. Baghdad is considered the most potential pharmaceutical center in Iraq as it accounts for approximately 35 percent of the pharmaceutical market of Iraq, and possesses the loin share of drug stores and many others healthcare facilities. Baghdad Warehouse supports the needs of central and southern areas of Iraq.