Our Market Places

“Iraq- a land of opportunities – is our starting marketplace. The Middle East and Africa is our near future market”.

Despite of the political instability and security issues in Iraq, what is amazing is that the business is growing. With nearly 35 million people and relatively high GDP comparing to many other countries in the Middle East, Iraq`s healthcare related business is one of the most fattest business in the region. Furthermore, being an integral petroleum reach country opens up the door widely for strong investment and stimulates multinational companies to free up their courage toward investing there.

During the last decade, the level of Iraqi people awareness about the importance of efficient healthcare system increased dramatically, a matter that urge the government to pay specific focus on healthcare system and its allocated budget. Undoubtedly this represents a golden opportunity for local and multinational healthcare sector investors to embark on new projects in Iraq to gain a significant market share from this attractive business area.

Due to the labyrinthine complexities of gauging the balance between risk and benefit of investing in Iraq, many international firms are reluctant and even refrain from investing there. In such circumstance, a reliable partner on the ground is the practical solution. Because we know the region perfectly, Misraim is able to help its partners to maneuver the situation by providing them an elastic business model has the ability to manage the business accurately by implementing workable process in every aspect of business.