Trusted Partnership

“Trusted Partnership is the mainstay of Misraim`s business strategy. Trusted Partnership conforms one of our five pillars- core values; LIGHT”.

Misraim bestows market access upon international pharmaceutical and medical device companies who desire to develop their business by acquiring new marketplaces. Misraim is a bridge built on wine-wine principle that helps our partner traversing, with confidence, the way to new markets and business opportunities. Our technical expertise always gives us the edge in tackling the current obstacles and acting proactively to avoid or mitigate the expected ones.

Misraim takes Iraq as a first station to exert its activities. Iraq is a typical emerging market in the region, which is full with opportunities and challenges as well. This fact makes effective partnership inevitable for international firms who plan to develop their business in Iraq.

Misraim strongly encourages reputable pharmaceutical and medical device companies to reach out us to share ideas and discuss the perspectives of investing in Iraq. We are ready to put any agreed workable idea on our implementation plan as fast as it requites.

Our Partners