“Distribution is the running blood of sales cycle. Misraim networks efficient distribution allover Iraq”.

Misraim considers the availability of products inside the different point of sales as a critical step for maintaining successful sales process. In Iraq, wholesalers (drug stores) have the exclusive right to sell pharmaceutical products to pharmacies by force of Iraqi pharmacists syndicate rules. As a result, wholesalers, in most cases, are the direct clients of pharmaceutical companies and scientific offices in Iraq. Governmental medical centers, however, can deal directly with companies and scientific offices through specific design made by their medical and purchasing departments.

More than 400 drug stores spread over Iraq, creating an intermediate layer between distributors and the final point of sales, to serve more than 5,000 pharmacies. This setup spawns the importance of building a well established and long term business relationship with the major wholesalers to ensure optimum coverage.

Misraim’s sales team is synonym with dynamization. With one ultimate goal in their minds, our sales team works everyday to ensure the availability of products in drug stores, pharmacies and hospitals. Unfailing enthusiasm drives us to reach out each valid point of sales by working in a swift and agile way that translate the effort of promotional team into running sales orders.