“We bestow our partners the chance to get more achievements for less costs through customized design of outsourcing services”.

Misraim helps its partners to alleviate the burden of dealing with ambiguous marketplaces and business areas. Some markets, notably emerging ones, for different reasons are demanding, exacting and not easy to penetrate as well as they consume time and costs. With Misraim these barriers will be no longer exist, as we know the market in details and possess the ability to tackle the current challenges and pre-empt the occurrence of anticipated problems.

Thanks to our technical experience and capability that enable us to get things done under different conditions. We have a diversified team of competent people live such conditions, inure its difficulties and have remarkable acumen in business matter and problem solving technic. Throughout a wide network of business communication, Misraim’s outsourcing services will accelerate the process that is undertaken by us while our partners remotely follow up the progress. In a nutshell, Misraim’s outsourcing services is the synonym with smartness and convenience.

Our outsourcing services involve:

o Market Access consultancy

o Regulatory Affairs

o Marketing and Co-Promotion